Sound Innovations



We are really excited about Sound Innovations, a new method for strings and band called Sound Innovations for String Orchestra and Sound Innovations for Concert Band. Four levels are available making SI a complete resource from beginning class through high school. The third and fourth levels are titled Sound Innovations for String Orchestra: Sound Development and Sound Innovations for Concert Band: Sound Ensemble.

Clean and uncluttered with excellent pedagogy, the books were written following extensive research into what does and doesn’t work for teachers in the wide variety of teaching situations in which music is taught. However, technological breakthroughs and vision have made it possible to customize Book 1—changing introductory text, starting pitch, starting rhythm, individual tunes and the ability to add enrichment pages. The book is then printed and shipped based on the teacher’s selections! A custom CD, a DVD, and 100 lines of free SmartMusic are included.

Customizable features in Book 1:

  • Add text to cover
  • Change opening letter on title page
  • Add notes names in the noteheads for up to 6 pages
  • Select arco or pizz for strings
  • Select starting pitch and rhythm

Fifteen songs can be changed and choices range through many genres including classical, Latino, Christian, Jewish, Australian, Canadian, world, alternative styles, and more.

Book 1 also has six spots where enrichment pages can be added—including pages of history, theory, composition, improvisation, rhythm exercises, scales, manuscript paper, additional tunes, duets, and ensembles
To experiment with customizing a book, go to

Book 2 continues the development of technical skills and musicianship with a review, the introduction of new notes with all Book 1 rhythms, the introduction of new rhythms with all Book 1 notes, and plenty of performance pieces.

The 3rd book for strings includes bow arm development, new bowings, shifting in low positions, and 2-octave scales in commonly used keys. The 4th book continues to refine each of these skills, continuing into sophisticated bow control, shifting in all positions, and 3-octave scales for all keys.
The innovative and flexible scale layout has been a hit with teachers.

The 3rd and 4th books for concert band develop ensemble skills focusing on warm-ups organized by key building solid sound, blend, and balance.

Click on the images below to view PDFs that contain detailed information about Sound Innovations.